Animo CCS - Catch 99! Here we are posing inside the women's comfort room!!! Our team highlight was the 3rd year when we almost got the CHAMPIONSHIP! aaargh we lost to the Engineering Team, landing on the 1st runner up place.

(Clockwise from Top: Sym, Marge#8, Steph, Cathy, Karen, Mads#3, Karen#16, and Me - the last year Captain!)



The ORIGINAL block, S13 Catch 99!

Taken when we were still in freshman at our beloved G203 room. Not all of us stayed as computer science majors.. Some transfered, shifted, just to break loose out of Computer Science.

TOP: Ace, Dennison, Dicky
MID: Karl, Cherie Belle, Edmar, Noelle
BOT: Gene, Me, Mitzi, & Botch


I miss the times when everything seems to be free...

As in free foods, transpo, entrance, fun, games (nyek). Cheg when will a swimming party be held again?

(TOP L-R) Me, Cheg, Carmela, Tonee, Mark A., Dennison
(BOT L-R): Gene, Tonio, Mark O., Karl




freedom at last...
nag-resign kasi.

One of the most significant and rational days in our college life.. guess what event? Secret. Go try n figure it out. Gosh we look so happy here huh. We have a reason to be!!!



200 more pictures to come!


Family & Relatives

High School Life

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Presenting to you, the graduates of class 1999!


Inday tops the list!

My good friend Noelle Rosales

Up and Coming!
David Moralita

Sige na nga gwapo ka sa personal!
Antonio Ocava Jr.

Tuks Lopez
Taba mo dito ah.
Marie Uyecio, You are added to my Hall of Fame finally!