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Just taken last august 1999! Me, Mama, and Kuya Jojo are so happy posing for the camera - Nanay and Daddy went home again (after 4 years in the US!) and so we have lots of pasalubongs! :)




Posing inside the US Navy Base in Yokosuka

L-R: My Tito Johnny (my mom's only brother), Tita Onie, me (pa-star na naman as always!), JP, JP, Mama and Papa. Geno (below) took this wonderful picture.


My Cousin Geno and Me -- taking a time off in Tokyo Disneyland (JULY 1998). Geno is now 15 and is in Vallejo, CA,


The Super TWIN Hunks -- my brothers James and Peter (both 17 yrs old)! This pic was taken last June 12 1998, during the celebration of the Phillippine Centennial (the Philippines celebrated its 100th year of its "so-called" independence!)

My pretty inaanak Kei Ann

Trivia: Inday has 9 inaanaks!







My Past Grandmother Lola Toneng (my dad's mother) on one of her great birthdays in our house. With her is my dad. I love you and I miss you Lola!


Kuya Ken, Chinkee and Me.
Taken last Aug 1997, Chinkee's confirmation (kumpil). I am chinkee's Ninang! Oh well talk about lots of inaanak!


[Fremont, CA.]
Ate Vangie (Fuerte) and Kuya Allan (Encarnacion) on their bonggacious wedding day!! Smile!!!



A Preserved Family Picture, taken back in the 80's. We attended a wedding here.


My mom and me way, way back =) My mom was very young then (and so am I!!!). Aint I cute?



My Dad carrying me. I was so quiet then =) Our house got noisy as soon as i learned to cry, and eventually speak.

It was a known legend that as I was born and I was in the hospital nursery, my eyes were wide open and fierce, and on the look out for enemies already!=)


RECENT PICTURES CLICK HERE! Click here for the recent pictures!