the ever famous (???) campus girls of 4B Babae.... (L-R) Vina, Geneva, Donita & Donna! hehehe just kidding.. We're Len-len, Chiqui, Cathy, and Cheryl (ooops thats me)

TOP: Trainer Christian, Leah, Angel, Jevelyn, Margie (Star Player!), Janice (our goalie!!), Mela (syempre magaling din!), Sir Lopez (the COACH!).
BOTTOM (L-R): Carrie Anne, Lili Anne, Sheila (table tennis women's varsity), LiliAnne's kid sister, Milagros,Tina (Go, Alaska Girl!), Meanoids, plus me below everyone else (I look so stupid here!)

who would ever forget this part of their lives? highschool is one of the best parts in life and i am determined to preserve every memory i have of it. here are only some of the most unforgettable events in my highschool life.

Taken at Batulao, Batangas,
Fourth year retreat - w/ broObet
TOP: Shi-shi, Sol, Baduj
BOT: Me, Sally, Mean

Family & Relatives

High School Life

College Memories



4B-Babae - my senior highschool class of 1995

Watch out for the 4B Babae album memorabilia! Go 4BB! tayo ang orig!

Leng Gonzales & Donna Villanueva are home! Both went back to spend vacation in Manila. Leng lives in SF, Ca. & Donna lives in Long Beach, Ca.

2 Years Ago! My Birthday of 1998. My Ever loyal highschool friends

L-R: Rhia, Louraine, Bugay, Sherryl and Baduj.

TOP (L-r): Mean, Joy, Sol, Shi, Mitch
BOT (L-R):
Baduj & Cel

Field Trip of 1993/94. We were still in 3rd yr. Im not in this picture. But this is cute diba.


Graduates AT LAST!!! Graduation beauties of SJA..
(top L-r): Me (partly hidden), Weng, Sally.
(front l-r):Abby & Sol

1997 Laguna Wet n Wild, plus isang Litsong Manok from andok's!

My other cool girl friends, (L-R) Aileen, Amy, Mela, and Me.

1997 Laguna Wet n Wild, plus isang Litsong Manok from andok's!

The POLE beauties, Aileen, Me and Jean.

Nakakabusog din naman ang isang litsong manok + isang kaldero ng kanin.





Exempted Varsity Beauties -
Me & my best friend Mela, posin n cheesin under the sampaloc tree. We werent allowed to play in the local school intrams (Women's Varsity Volleyball Team members not allowed)



MY bIG SiS Kai & me - with our cute selves under the legendary sampaloc tree in SJA.

The Genius(es) - with my best friend Janis who is Valedictorian (highschool), cum laude (college, double degree, de la salle university), and 9th overall 1999 CPA topnotcher.