"Winning the webby and being recognized for my talents are very rewarding, but shouldn't be the goal. Work from the heart, design with passion, and share your talents." - Inday

donna cruz (superstar)
the award-winning homepage of the philippines' most talented - one of my best works! hit sa takilya!
  baduj (ambition: action star)
comical character of a woman struggling to find superstardom. my loudest and funniest friend of all! browse her personal page.
  nonijuice (drink it!)
many people swear by this drink! find out more info about it and maybe it can replace viagra???
Some of my works have already gone offline, and some are specifically not allowed to be published under my name (company "owns" it), or prefer not to be known that someone else did it for them.
EscapingFlatland.com is where I currently work as an Inteface and Design Director. View our company website. Yes I am the author.:)
PhoneNT (IE4+ only)
An almost finished demo of one of our company's wireless component product. - Server in your phone, phone in your hands!
roofing & construction - everything you will need for your office and house!
sja.net (preview only)
St. Joseph's Academy, Las Piņas, Philippines - my highschool alma mater!
glenda cruz
Glenda Cruz is the cousin of Donna and Geneva Cruz. This is a small information page on her album, "Just Page Me"
If you are just starting to learn HTML (the basic language of the websites), take the time to learn how to use tables. Tables for me are one of the most important elements in web design. It gives you the flexibility to create a simple, yet advanced (and sophisticated) design that is compatible with any browser (as far as I know, except of course for Text-based browsers).