Im just being myself - vain and all that! :) Enjoy!

Inday (in-da-i), noun, a female name of Visayan (Philippine native) origin. This Name, nowadays, is common for househelps, housemaids, house keepers, laundry women, province girls. No I'm not a housemaid or a laundry woman, I just decided to give this 'legendary' name another dimension! (A slap for the 'name'/'brand' conscious=))


happy new year! happy 2000!
Browse some of my millenium moments online! Pictures of course! Here is an example: (pic below) My mom and me, on New Year's eve, partying with family, relatives, music, barbecues, strange hats and tatoos (like it? on my right arm!). This is just one of the thousand millenium moments we have!
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on the cover
[TOP] Posing after our shooting of "Charmed", Sally, Baduj, and me. Unknown to many, Baduj was the real (original) Ronald Mc Donald Character. She gave up her mascot career when the people demanded that she has to wear the white and red clown makeup. She said "its against my will and my natural (clown) beauty". Hahaha Baduj joke lang!! Ang bongga mo dito para kang showbizz... showbizz alien! Sabi nga ni Wales "ang ganda yata ni Baduj dito.." Oh di ba? Pautang naman oh!=)