all about me
che-che fwethz che inday

They have to feed me! =) Wala pang promil nun pero promil kid na ako!
On Oct. 4, 1978 I was born! :) My mom and dad has named me "Cheryl" after their favorite american actress, Cheryl Ladd.

Dad, Mom and Me!
It turned out that I will be the best actress in the family haha acting out kaartehan and other petty stuff overly spoiled children do.

Dad, Mom and ME!
Yes I guess I could consider myself a spoiled brat kid, (but I am good ok! :) trust me!).

Me and Ate Amy! Wow Ate Amy kamukha mo pala si Joyce Jimenez dati?!
I was the first kid in our "looban" and so everyone was excited when I was born!

My Ninongs and Ninangs, my baptism.
They call me "chenggay" (pronounced as 'cheng-gai'). I was a shy kid. My mom wanted me to take up ballet classes but I didn't.

The Fuertes during my Baptism.
They all wanted me to join the "Little Miss Philippines" but I didn't. I was a really shy kid (when it comes to performing in public).

My first bday party! Oct 4, 1977!
This was my first ever birthday, held at the looban where I grew up. No its not as small as it seems in the picture. To me it was really big, and me and my playmates would draw lots of stuff on the firewall that makes up the right big wall of the looban. In the looban we would practice dances, hold birthdays, get togethers, play 'tex', 'piko', 'laste', and 'tansan'.

Kuya Jojo, Me and Nanay in their Tindahan.
My fondest memories of childhood was being taken to KFC always after school.

Daddy, (not my real dad, Daddy is my mom's surrogate dad) always takes me to KFC after school, or to Ling-Nam (I love ramen!).

My First School ID
Going to Kiddies Learning Center (now known as Divine Light Academy), being in the Pink Room, and finishing nursery being the number 1 (yup valedictorian, baby!) and requesting to the principal that I would like the medal to be like the medal in the olympics.

Me at Kindergarten
And so I went on to kindergarten and set foot on St. Joseph's Academy, the small parochial school that prides itself for being beside the "Bamboo Organ Church"... (All the while we students thought the Bamboo Organ Church was famous. Only later did we know that it is not as famous as we were told it was.)

I had my first crush when I was in kindergarten! (the leftmost guy in the pic above! haha, eventually that crush lasted for the rest of my gradeschool days and for the first 2 years of my highschool).

Meanwhile, growing up in the looban would mean belonging to the "Myla Gang"-- a group of kids headed by Ate Myla (older sister of Wales). Ate Myla would be very good in Sipa, football (she kicks the best!), and pandaraya! hahaha. I would remember Nene (mani), Jayjay (bakla), Kalbo, Wales, Joseph, Cathy, Edward, Marinelle, Criselda, and many more. We would share our treasure of tex, tansans, lastes, voltes 5 cards. Its not a bad gang at all. We're just a group of kids who grew up in the same looban. We would get macopa's from Michael Basa's Tree and sell it, we would donate 5 pesos each so that Ate Myla would be able to cook "lugaw" or "chicken mami" for us.

Eventually the Myla Gang was phased out. We had the "Thryllanders Club" (thryllanders would be a combination of our initials/letter names). This is a more wholesome group which has already included the 2nd generation (our younger brothers) kids in the looban.We would teach them dances, etc. Sonny also got in the picture. We would later get addicted to the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys book.

Yes,.... this is the start of something big! :-)



Grade 3 with teacher Ms. Escandor
Meanwhile, I was still a shy kid in grade school. I could say my mental abilities were above average and several times I have hit the honor roll. I was not consistent but I know I was good.

Grade 5 volleyball - I am so small!
I took up piano lessons for a short period of time and then gave it up for playing volleyball. I had no music inclinations when I was in gradeschool. I love sports. My friend and cousin Wales has introduced me to "Catch and Throw" and Volleyball. I became team captain in 5th and 6th grade.

Rowena, Anabelle, Sally, Trupel
By 5th grade I met my lifetime buddies Sally, Baduj, Sherryl, Glennis. Sally was the one who coined "Fwethz" - it was derived from "Fuerte (my last name) --> Fuerts, then Fwethz".

By age 12, I have started to play in various town leagues. I am Jersey #6. I cannot remember which team came first, "FACES" or "STOPPERS". I think it was the "STOPPERS", I might be in 5th grade then. "FACES" was the first major team I was in. I played with my neighborhood buddies, Stacey, Mylene, Weng, Daisy, Khim, Jayjay (Kuto), Ningning, and even our housemaid Thess. We battled "the Jersey City", "the raiders". Haha my parents managed the team, but it was all good. I cannot remember if we won, I guess we were 1st runner up, and of course I was chosen in the Mythical 6. (6 best players). I became friends with the other players too: Jane, Malou, Aureng of the Jersey City, Margie and Mean of the Raiders. I didnt know I would play with these good players for more years as we would be representing our own town in various leagues. =)

By first year highschool I met Leng, and 2nd year I met Meanoids, Shishi and Sol. I met my 'older sister' Kai when I was in first year.

I also met Mela in 2nd year and the ever wonderful Joy Capit.

Inday's Band! Nothing Wild!
By 2nd year I started wanting to play the guitar, and so I self-studied and learned it by heart. I would borrow guitar from the generous Billy Federigan, our neighbor, pr Raymund Servillon, another neighbor too. I would ask Byl Cuenca to teach me some guitar riffs.

again on the drums (yuck!!)
I got Stacey to want to play it but didnt last long. In school, Cel Dacia, me, Sol, and Byl's sister, (eventually with Iran and January too) started to form the "Nothing Wild Band". We would like to think that we have pioneered the female band revolution and would do covers of Bon Jovi and Eraserheads songs, and end up being "booed" in the town fiesta performance!

Rhia, Lorraine, Bugay, She, Baduj
By third year I became friends with Rhia, Gay and co. We eventually formed the biggest alliance of bullies ever!

Me & Baduj
My highschool life was fantastic! I was NOT the shy kid anymore! I became everything I have wanted to be. I was consistent varsity volleyball player from 2nd year to senior high. I became class officer and eventually class president. I was also voted as Vice President of the Highschool Student Council.

(I met Janis at the leadership camp, then we became good friends).

Inday 5 years ago!
I started idolizing Donna Cruz when I was in senior high.... I also have written the draft of my "Spherical Universe Theory" during senior high....

Me at Senior High
Yes,.... this is really the making of something big! :-)


Inday's College Grad Pic
1995 - De La Salle University Manila. I did not qualify for the UP entrance exams! Yuck haha just when I thought I was a genius. (being genius is not measured by grades alone, right?). I really did not want to go to La Salle because it will be very expensive for me and my family, coming from a typical middle-class family. But my dad has insisted I go there, and so there I go. :-)

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science -- I was like.... what???? I have no computer experience prior to entering the university. I took that course because my aptitude exams in highschool has indicated that I should take either Computer Science or go to Law School. I was serious on going to Law School but I realized it will be a long wait -- 4 years pre law, 4 years law proper, plus memorizing the whole book of the Philippine Constitution.

S13 Freshmen Block
And so computer science I took. I was in S13 - Catch 99. Ah, my first classmates in college! They were all nice and accomodating that I didnt find it hard to fit it.

Compro1 Fever
Credits goes to Cho and Noelle and Botch and Mitzi for taking good care of me during the first and second year of college.

David & Me at the Lobby
I met David in 2nd year (he was actually my blockmate in first year, but he looked nerd-ific and aloof and so we did not click then).

Me & Tonio
I met Tonio in the 'Tas Trans 'bus ride home when I was in first year (he was singing yuckily, loudly, while standing inside the bus -- "want you back for good.. want you back for good...".). I met Tuks in the classroom and he would eventually join every bus ride in college. We were a fun trio!

Catch99 Womens Volleyball Team
Mela and I attempted to try out for the college volleyball varsity team, but got intimidated for some reasons and never tried out at all. We were already there in the Gym and then all of a sudden we decided to back out! =( Anyway we both became good players in our respective colleges (she took up Mathematics).

I do not want my nickname "fwethz" to be with me anymore... I started to feel being more grownup and more lady so I decided not to divulge the "fwethz" nickname in college. Che was my nickname then (I know everyone has this nickname).

Other Friends in College
I dedided to specialize in Information Technology, my initial choice of specialization was Computer Engineering, but I got turned off after doing some breadboard and LEDs and digital experiments. I thought I would specialize in software technology, but Hashing and compiler technology has turned me off and so there is only one last choice and that is IT (information technology).

S13-Cheg SwimParty Bulacan
No regrets, IT students are more outgoing and "loud". Definitely a good choice! :) Haha!

My old PC (born: Sept 1996, died Sept 2000)
I started creating websites in 1996... I experimented on NCSA Mosaic (the coolest browser then) and Lynx (text-only browser). In the computers picture above, the white monitor is the old system I started to use in 1996. (of course, the first were VAX/UNIX machines at DLSU). It was only a Pentium-133MHz with 8MB RAM. I have to thank Lasalle for exposing me to the internet technology that will soon be my career. But of course I have to thank my parents for buying me my overly used 133-8MB system which has witnessed the unveiling of my skills and ideas. I created my amateurish Donna Cruz website in 1996, gained more HTML skills in 1997, and became a full pledged web developer in 1998.

Projects... Thesis... etc. I went on and did my best (well at least half best) and graduated on time.

I was late during graduation and was the last to march during the opening processional.

I wanted to march badly and so even if I am late and my college line has already seated, I insisted on Marching!


So, why Inday?
In 1997, as I was washing the dishes at home, the new kid of my ninang edna, Hontay, was introduced to me. She asked me my name. I said "tita inday" right away! :-) Maybe that's because I am washing the dishes and I look like a housemaid then.

Who Framed Inday?
The name "Inday" is actually of visayan orgin. Its a female term for "someone who is dear". The onset of the Philippine era of "importing" household helpers from the visayan region made the name "inday" a general name for a household help.

Inday at the 1999 Web Awards
I like the name "Inday" because it is very filipino. I am trying to give the name a "legendary dimension" -- when your nickname is inday, it doesnt have to follow that you are a household help, or that you are not capable of doing something intellectually and technologically good.

Me & My Brothers
My rationale for using it as a web name is simple -- I am not a celebrity, and therefore "the official website of cheryl fuerte" would mean literally nothing, of no appeal, to a persaon who does not know Cheryl Fuerte. If I use the name "Inday" it is something common yet unique to be used as a webname. Therefore I use it to gain more "fame" mileage. :-) If there is such a thing!

The internet has added yet another wonderful world to my life. I have met good friends online and stayed good friends with them until now. Rachelle of Long Beach, Tita Tek of Long Beach, Mike of San Francisco, Cherry from Canada, ,Tylene from the Middle east!), Roy of San Fernando Valley, Cheryl of LA, Rob of Canada, Singapore and Hongkong,, are among the few good people I have met online.

Inday wins!
And so I became a web designer -- by choice and by chance. My previous employer has discovered my website, the Donna Cruz website, and decided to offer me a good position with them. (before I went fulltime with my job, I already have taken independent website projects to my name).

Clockwise: Chi, Me, Ybette, Kristine
Anyway, the most important thing is discovering new friends, in the form of my dearest former-officemates, Michelle, Kristine, and Ybette.

Me & Ybette
I met bestfriend Ybette during this period. She's currently on my favorite people list, and I guess she will always stay there! =) If I suddenly disappear out of the blue (like some few people I know), you know who to ask!


Inday at her Workspace!
I am currently a Virtual worker, and CEO (yes!) of my own website and CEO, CFO, CTO, and VC of My dream job would be to land as a web VJ for MTV-asia, even if I have to manage all of their website (hint, hint, MTV!), to have my own successful and legendary dot com (coming soon!!!).

Inday as the Nerd
I am hoping and working hard to make all of it come true -- soon enough, maybe 'Inday' would grace the cover of Newsweek, Time and Asiaweek...! Nah, just wishful thinking! (Marriage proposals should be submitted NOT EARLIER than year 2005.)


New Friends
Is there life outside the web, offline, and without a computer? Indeed yes! Meeting new friends offline, going out, having fun, singing, dancing, getting crazy and drinking, doing crazy acrobatic stuff -- you would not need a computer to do this!